Assumption – Absconditus

Great strength and motivation for this recently formed Italian band, namely Assumption, a duo straight from Palermo with their first actual full-length, after a demo and an EP in which they had already experimented with different horizons of a genre that is never easy to approach, namely funeral death doom, as niche as it is musically vast. This time Assumption really seem to have found their own dimension, pulling out of their hat a varied, assertive but never pretentious album. The small number of tracks, only three, is a choice of great courage in a market where there is an abundance to please an ever-hungry audience, losing in quality. But it is not “brevis,” either, for the total length of the album is nearly 40 minutes, true to the funeral tradition. The three tracks intertwine as if they had a common story that finds its synthesis, climax and natural conclusion with the last evocative track Beholder of the Asteroid Oceans Part I & II. The path of the Palermo-based band has led to sonorities rarely heard in doom, and lies simultaneously in the middle but also outside of bands such as Disembowelment, Evoken and beyond, from which the two musicians surely drew great inspiration. It is a one-way ticket to the meanders of existence with Absconditus, for a funeral death doom that leaves nothing to chance and is in a highly innovative style. The album is therefore strongly recommended for all fans of a genre that still retains that sacred classicism that sets it apart, but also possesses the curiosity to explore. (MetalEyes 9/5/2018)

2018 – Everlasting Spew Records