To the Great Monolith I is the first release for this mysterious musical project, probably of Swiss origin, called Death.Void.Terror. We are dealing with a work that leaves little room for stylistic frills or assorted pleasantries: what is offered at this juncture is a maelstrom of sound that unfolds in an experimental form starting from a black base. The result is composed of two very long tracks, for a total of about forty minutes, which must be approached with the right spirit to be able to grasp the good things contained therein. To the Great Monolith I proves to be a disorienting or devastating sonic experience, depending on the degree of interpenetration with this merciless musical approach. In short, the one offered by Death.Void.Terror. is the soundtrack of an apocalypse that, probably, has already been going on for quite a while, while we keep on playing like the Titanic’s orchestra even though it is definitely sinking.

2018 – Iron Bonehead Productions