A short ep for the Mexicans Matalobos, promoters of a well-made melodic death doom. The Central American band has only one full length to their credit, but the content of Until Time Has Lost All Meaning makes us think that the time is ripe for a further leap in quality. The work opens with the longest track, Of Ghosts And Yearning, a practical example of the good potential possessed by the León quartet, which obviously moves along the well codified coordinates of the genre but puts enough of its own, between acoustic passages, painful melodic progressions and an incisive growl; the second shortest track, In Flesh Engraved, seems more death metal oriented, going to place itself in the wake of Novembers Doom in more than one moment. The ep closes with the dreamy instrumental La Luz Del Día Muere, an episode that also shows a good performing talent. If with Arte Macabro Matalobos had laid the foundations to produce a thick death doom, with Until Time Has Lost All Meaning comes the consolidation that can only lead to a long-distance work able to impose the attention of the Mexican band, at least this is the hope.

2017 – Concreto Records