Adversvm is a project from Lower Saxony of which little is known except that Aion Sitra Ahra is the first long-distance work that comes out under the aegis of Iron Bonehead Productions. The genre offered, however, leaves little room for particular digressions, since it is a funeral doom of great orthodoxy and as much executive competence, qualities easily found since the opener Anti-Stellar Gnosis To The Acausal Nexus, a long track that was already present in the demo published last year. Adversvm‘s funeral is sufficiently melodic and at the same time sorrowful, leaving immediately remarkable feelings: also the second track PS. XIII Maledictvm was also part of that demo and it’s hard to find great discontinuity, then, compared to what we’ve already heard, even if here references to the most dissonant side of the genre emerge, then Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, without forgetting a name less titled but of great thickness as that of Doomed of compatriot Pierre Laube. These twenty minutes of music already seem enough to see that Adversvm are a very pleasant surprise, but the album offers much more after the instrumental interlude Disequilibrium Evokes The Fifth Coronation; the title track proves to be a good test of strength when the rhythms intensify, favouring impact over melody, while Est In Fatis is quite peculiar, with its stentorian sampled voice accompanied by catacomb-like riffs. The work closes with the six-minute drone of Current 218, the tombstone of a remarkable work, able to bring to the fore a new name like Adversvm.

2018 – Iron Bonehead Productions