Fallen – Tout Est Silencieux

Commenting on Fallen (born Lorenzo Bracaloni) releases is becoming a pleasant habit. The Tuscan musician, a relatively short time after the release of the beautiful Glimpses, returns with this album entitled Tout Est Silencieux, published by the transalpine label Triple Moon Records. Perhaps that’s why both the title of the work and that of all the tracks are in French, an aspect that obviously has a completely relative value, given that we are talking about ambient music that is by its very nature entirely instrumental. Compared to the previous album, which was aimed at evoking nocturnal atmospheres and situations, the deviations are minimal but sufficient, however, to make the sounds seem more in keeping with that cover in which a man and a dog seem about to be enveloped and made invisible by the fog. As always, Fallen‘s skill lies in not making his ambient music too minimal, but in giving it a melodic sense, prefiguring a calmness that is often speckled by assorted noises in the background, as if to remind us that proposing this kind of sound also means being able to take the cues that come from everyday life. The intention to consider every impulse captured by our hearing as a musical element in its own way, even if it is not prolonged by an instrument, is certainly not a novelty but, in my opinion, characterises this work which, as always, does not disappoint and indeed, increases even more the quotations of one of the most brilliant (and also most prolific) composers in circulation today in our country in this sector.

2018 – Triple Moon Records