The Dark Red Seed – Becomes Awake


Tosten Larson, after last year’s release of an ep as a taste of his project The Dark Red Seed, presents himself under the Prophecy umbrella with his debut full length, Becomes Awake. While Stands With Death sounded promising, but didn’t reveal much of the potential of the American musician (who works with Shawn Flemming), this work dispels any doubts from the very first notes of the opener Dukkha, which is an excellent example of oblique psychedelia, and the following Darker Days, a deviated blues that dazzles for its personal interpretation of the subject matter, which can also be found in the final Diana And Ouroboros Dance, where a sort of de-anabolised Danzig meets The Doors, creating a wonderful song. In fact, talking about a specific track risks being misleading, as the album possesses an invaluable wealth of nuances, enhanced by a formidable sonic and interpretative cleanliness: this is also thanks to the contribution of guests such as Kelly Pratt and Steve Nistor, who constantly feed the musical flow with the contribution of string instruments, winds and percussion. Experimental, ethnic, obscure, bordering on dark folk and with sick blues veins, Becomes Awake proves to be a work of uncommon quality and the talented Larson carves out an important place for himself outside the shadow of King Dude, of whom the Seattle musician is one of the closest collaborators.

2018 – Prophecy Productions