Lordamor, a band in which all members have been involved with the black group Blood Red Fog, has had a more recent and lasting run. After the demo released in 2008, the following year the self-titled full length was published, which included the songs from the debut album, integrated by other unreleased tracks, for an offer similar to what was done by Wormphlegm, especially for the use of the scream depressive matrix and a natural tendency to black drifts. The result is more than good, but the feeling of extemporaneousness given to the band’s era probably contributes to not paying due attention to this work. The return in 2017 of the combo led by Vesa Lahti is along the lines of what was done a decade earlier, and the coordinates don’t change with the following Promo 2018, containing the long track Lucifer Emerging from Darkness that demonstrates once again the propensity for dark and evil sounds as convincing as they are.

2018 – Independent