It’s nothing new to come across one-man bands that can be euphemistically defined as prolific, especially when the boundless Russian territory is explored. In Tenebriz belong to this group and if, as always, in such cases one wonders if these characteristics do not detract from the quality of the releases, it is also true that most of the time these metal workaholics surprise for the excellent average level expressed. With this Winternight Poetry, Wolfir (at their tenth full length in a little more than a decade of activity, in addition to a swarm of ep’s and split albums) offers a melodic and convincing interpretation of death doom, even if at times a little minimal in terms of keyboard solutions. All this does not penalize the final performance too much, since the Moscow musician is able to alternate large atmospheric openings to passages of an ambient nature and strong and decisive riffs. Winternight Poetry ends in a little less than forty minutes, leaving good feelings and some regrets about the fact that, if the good Wolfir used some help to the various instruments, the result could have been even more satisfying, as evidenced by tracks like III and IV, the most emblematic of compositional skills not at all negligible.

2018 – Symbol of Domination Prod.