Omit play doom metal with strong funeral and gothic influences, featuring the beautiful and ethereal female vocals of Cecilie Langlie. The Norwegians are here on their third attempt, and this is the follow-up to 2014’s Medusa Truth Part One. Their intention is to illustrate with each record a specific period of each man’s life, exploring what is seen and especially what is unseen. Omit‘s songs last a long time and are all composed as if they were small works, very well structured and epic. This second disc in the Medusa Truth series takes its cue from this sentence by Jack London that can be found in the 1914 book The Mutiny of the Elsinore: ‘The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free. Animals alone are given the privilege of lifting the veil of Isis; men dare not. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination. Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love. From Medusa-Truth he makes an appeal to Maya-Lie. In short, how can you blame Jack… our life is a constant escape, and listening to this beautiful, decadent and sweet album is also an escape from what we live or what we are. And this album is a beautiful escape, Omit being a good melodic doom metal band, with funeral parts, but above all a great gothic substratum that permeates the whole, giving a romantic feel to their work. Their pace is slow but mighty, sweet but sharp, the music is the handmaiden of Cecilie’s beautiful voice, but it is by no means a mere ornament, but an important part of the whole. In this muffled world, the rules of our dimension are changed and we enter into something profoundly different. A record played and composed with care and dedication, and leaving nothing to chance, a wonderful escape. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 24/7/2018)

2018 – Secret Quarters