Lurk – Fringe

Lurk is yet another monstrous creature that creeps forward, this time not in muddy American swamps but in the snow and ice of a thousand Finnish lakes. Fringe is a work of devastating power, in the course of which the quartet exhibits a doom that, to the preponderant sludge component, also adds black and death elements, forming a truly intriguing picture for all fans of dark sounds. So we have a sound that, in its basic monolithicity, can at times recall the very first Cathedral, as in the opener Ostrakismos, or unroll in the mid tempo black of Reclaim; sludge is offered in its most exasperated form in the remarkable Elan, while a more animated death doom takes shape in Furrow. Proteus Syndrome closes the work in the best way, enclosing in itself most of the characteristics mentioned above, sealing a work that leaves little room for melody but offers more than one cue able to hook the listener, net of the unwinding of a sulphurous and pachydermic sound. Lurk is yet another band that is brought to attention thanks to the meritorious work of Transcending Obscurity, an Indian label that specializes in digging deep into the underground to find rough sonic diamonds like this Fringe.

2018 – Transcending Obscurity Records