Frayle – The White Witch

The White Witch is the remarkable first discographic step for this Cleveland duo called Frayle. Sean Bilovecky, who plays all the instruments, is accompanied by Gwyn Strang, a woman of great charm, not only aesthetically but also vocally. Thanks precisely to a timbre that is neither powerful nor stentorian, but very evocative, the platinum-skinned singer interprets at her best lyrics that are as beautiful as they are painful, in contrast to the delicacy with which they are offered; all this is realised within a structure that oscillates between doom and post-metal, highlighting an admirable dosage in the union between these two impulses. In about twenty minutes Frayle give a test of great thickness, which makes us hope for a long-distance follow-up as soon as possible, so much so that, absurdly, the least effective track of the four in the setlist is a cover of Portishead, Wandering Star, a great song that, however, despite its adaptation to the sound of the duo, does not reach the emotional level of the magnificent title track or the opener Let The Darkness In. However, considering that, despite online searches, we don’t know much about Sean and Gwyn’s musical past (they are, on the contrary, quite active in the field of clothing), a work like The White Witch is even more surprising, leaving one’s mouth watering for the duo’s next moves.

2018 – Seeing Red Records / Lay Bare Recordings