Mesarthim – The Density Parameter

The Density Parameter is the third full length for this Australian atmospheric black project, which we have already come across on the occasion of the two previous long-distance works (which are accompanied by a large number of ep). The black component, as it’s natural for a style in which melody takes the upper hand, has been gradually diluted compared to the early works, until it becomes very minimal in this last work, coinciding with the thinned out scream vocal parts. The album is as always imbued with a cosmic imagery that our interpret with great skill and good taste, relying on large melodic openings that cleverly avoid the risk of appearing cloying, however, are precisely the passages in which the best are outlined dreamy atmospheres those in which the work of Mesarthim touches its peak and also finds its reason for being. Ω, Transparency and Fragmenting, the three longest tracks of the lot, are precisely the episodes in which the musical idea of the Australian duo is expressed in a more complete way: in the first two cases thanks to persuasive and memorable melodic lines, in the third one with a slightly more varied trend, in the light of a nice insert of electronics in the central part, before a final rather rich in variations on the theme. Obviously this side of black metal, pushed to the maximum from the atmospheric point of view, will hardly find the favour of those who prefer the true appearance of the genre, proving to be more suitable for those who are already familiar with the sounds cleared in the past by Burzum and Mortiis.

2018 – Avantgarde Music