The experimentation makes sense only when it is not an end in itself, on this there are no doubts: only if these conditions are met even the most difficult sounds have the chance to get the right attention from a group of listeners, however, with an uncommon attitude to listening. The project called Eidulon possesses all these qualities, perhaps because despite a long silence the excellent Francesco Gemelli (who many will also know for his valuable work as a graphic designer) shows a total mastery of the material, modeling and bending it to their needs, making the most in this sense the contribution of the guests called to collaborate in the success of Combustioni. The album is a container full of dangerous and unstable matter, now in the form of dark ambient, now of an industrial apocalyptic nuances; the common feature of the work is, however, a sometimes solemn gait that is scarred by the vocal performance of prominent guests such as Nordvagr (MZ.412) and Luca Soi, whose contribution is certainly attractive to fans of doom, not to mention the significant contribution made by other names such as Kammarheit, Caul and Naxal Protocol. Undoubtedly, if the song that sees the work of one of the protagonists of the epic Cold Meat Industry (A Shimmer In The Void), turns out to be one of the highest possible expressions that can be exhibited in this area, it is certainly not less impressive track as Grande Rosso, in which Luca Soi abandons the evocative tones, used in the recent masterpiece The Sky Over of Void Of Silence, to stand sinister in declaiming a text in the mother tongue above a sound carpet highly threatening. The organ that insinuates itself between the folds of The Hierarchy Of The Inner Planes (again with Nordvagr and with the active contribution of Naxal Protocol) is something destabilising, as well as the unstable quiet evoked by Soi’s vocals in Immanence, where Brett Smith (Caul) makes an outstanding contribution. Kammarheit can only be called upon in the most canonically dark ambient track of the lot, Averni Flammas Transivi, while the two tracks entirely the prerogative of Gemelli open and close the work in an exemplary manner, with In Igne Revelabitur, whose title refers to that fire which is a sort of thread running through the disc, dedicated to the artist Alberto Burri who was able to use this element as a brush (the magnificent cover recalls everything in an eloquent way), and with Stratificazione Settima, superb evidence of dark ambient disturbing and at the same time enveloping. Combustioni is a work of great value, which deserves the attention of a large number of fans despite the natural reluctance on the part of some to let the flesh wound by the harsh and deep sounds fielded by Gemelli.

2018 – Malignant Records