Abysskvlt – Khaogenesis

After a magnificent debut like the one entitled Thanatochromia, dating back to 2015, for Abysskvlt the litmus test of the second full length was awaited, which comes today with Khaogenesis: the work fully confirms the value of this band, although as a whole the whole appears slightly less enjoyable and emotionally impactful than its predecessor, also by virtue of a greater search for elements of discontinuity, not so much for the use of ethnic instrumentation already used in the previous album, but for the performance of sounds if possible darker but at the same time ascetic, with several parts of ambient matrix. Indeed, with Khaogenesis the Siberians further immerse the listener in their spiritual concept related to the Bön religion (from Wikipedia: an ancient religion of Tibet and Nepal, also widespread in some areas of India, Bhutan and the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan. It is usually defined as a religion linked to shamanism and animism), whereby death here does not represent the end of everything but a form of passage to other lives. The Tibetan bells, the horns, the jew’s harp and all the ethnic paraphernalia handled by the band and heard especially in the first half of the opener Yi Kun transport us to another dimension, the achievement of which is guaranteed by the music, which here becomes a vehicle rather than an ominous soundtrack to the inevitable.

2018 – Endless Winter