Colossus Morose – Seclusion

Another debut under the aegis of Endless Winter: this time it’s the turn of the duo Colossus Morose, formed by the German C.J., who takes care of the entire musical part, and the vocalist J.C., Swiss now based in Norway. The death doom proposed in Seclusion leaves a limited space to the melody, although this aspect is not completely absent, preferring a rougher impact, with the guitar work of the Hannover musician who weaves a dense and powerful sound substrate, on which stands out the deep and suffered growl of his Swiss colleague. The work has a reasonable duration, which is also positive thanks to the characteristics of a sound rather dark and impact, without particular rhythmic or atmospheric variations but incisive in every part; a good recording and an overall appreciable execution make Seclusion a work of depth, recommended for those who prefer the death doom more rough and less comforting. Among the tracks stands out the remarkable Six (which despite the title is the fifth song in the setlist), by virtue of some variation on the theme more with the alternation of guitar riffs, solo and acoustic parts. Even if it’s not something able to upset the hierarchies within the scene, the first full length of Colossus Morose highlights a reality of certain interest and with several arrows in its bow to be used even better in the future.

2018 – Endless Winter