Nhor – Wildflowers

Nhor is a name I already met when I talked about a beautiful work like Within The Darkness Between The Starlight. At that time the British musician was able to blend admirably ambient music with black metal pulses, creating a hybrid that was not innovative but certainly full of rare emotional intensity. With time the extreme part has been practically zeroed, leaving space in a natural way to the only ambient component, consisting in a delicate and never cloying piano work. This Wildflowers is not really an album of unreleased tracks, but represents the compacting into a single format of the four ep’s dedicated to the seasons released last year between April and December. The work is thus offered by Prophecy Productions in a double vinyl version and provides the opportunity to listen to the four parts in sequence that, in this way, form a work in itself, as was probably the initial intention of the author. Nhor performs a sort of musical miracle, proposing an hour and twenty of ambient music of astonishing quality, keeping well away from the risk of tediousness to the listener who, on the contrary, will find in a natural way the way to interpenetrate with these sounds. What the English composer offers is, after all, the circular musical flow that accompanies the seasons of our existence, starting each time from scratch as if each of them were the first, or perhaps the last to be experienced and savoured. Wildflowers is a work in which the essential pianistic approach (the modus operandi is obviously not dissimilar to that of the master Eno) is the antithesis of the fluttering redundancy of the neoclassical; Nhor does not need any particular artifice to move us and gently transport us into another dimension of space and time: listening to a song of rare clarity such as I Have No Stars Left To Wish Upon is sufficiently illustrative of how much beauty can be found in this magnificent double album.

2018 – Lupus Lounge