Runemagick – Evoked From Abysmal Sleep

Evoked From Abysmal Sleep marks Runemagick‘s return to full length work after Dawn Of The End in 2007. The Swedish band, founded in the early ’90s by a very young Nicklas Rudolfsson, released eleven full lengths between 1998 and 2007, moving from the traditional death of the early days to a more deadly death doom. In the last ten years Rudolfsson, together with drummer Daniel Moilanen, has dedicated himself mainly to Heavydeath, making most people think that this could have meant the end of Runemagick‘s history, but, as we have seen, fortunately this was not the case. Recalling the rhythmic couple at work in the records of the new millennium (together with Moilanen we find Rudolfsson’s wife, Emma, at the bass), the Göteborg musician proposes again his vintage death doom, rhythmic, rolling and 100% competent, able to put in agreement even listeners coming from the two opposite sides, such is the balance between the components. The lack of innovative ideas is amply compensated by roaring sounds, by the ultra-low tuning on which stands out the growl of a Rudolfsson in full form: Tomb To Womb stands out as a manifesto track of a work that pleasantly brings back to light (dimly) the dark death metal of Runemagick. Evoked From Abysmal Sleep is the classic album that fills a void without being necessarily epochal: essential, rough, authentic, this yes, and it’s all that’s needed for those who love to bask in these dark sounds.

2018 – Aftermath Music