Eternal Rot – Cadaverine

Cadaverine is the first album for Eternal Rot, authors of a death doom that totally keeps faith with the company name and the cover for the sounds offered. The four tracks, in fact, wind along a line of sonic putridity, with distorted and lowered sounds and a growl worthy of the truest brutal; if the sonic variety is lacking, as a counterbalance we find a not so obvious ability to evoke morbid sensations, making the whole product able to satisfy the lovers of both genres with the most vintage tastes. Mayer and Grindak are two Polish musicians (although the latter lives in the UK) whose first and only child dates back to a demo dated 2013, before their compatriots from Godz Ov War included them in their mephitic roster; in a scant half hour, Cadaverine leaves its reprehensible trail of putrefaction without the duo ever letting go, indeed double-locking the gates of the cemetery they elected as their conceptual home. The formula is in some ways simple and widely beaten, but also for this reason it is not at all obvious to make it compelling and relatively attractive to a circle, even if it is a small one, of listeners. It is superfluous to talk about the single tracks, because from the first note of Undying Desolation to the last one of Slough Of Despond, Eternal Rot keep us locked up without relenting or regretting in the crypt they created using raw material, but capable of resisting the wear and tear of time. Cadaverine is a proof that is anything but negligible, strong of a stylistic orthodoxy that never as in this case appears unassailable as appreciated.

2018 – Godz Ov War Productions 2019 – Fallen Temple