Fallen – Glimpses

A few months after ├íst, Lorenzo Bracaloni, a.k.a. Fallen, returns to give us glimpses of his ambient music, which, thanks to the quality displayed, is gaining acclaim in many quarters. Glimpses, as the author tells us, is a collection of tracks composed during the night, a time of day when the body usually rests and the mind goes into stand-by, but this is not true for everyone. For many people the night is the ideal time to study, or it can be the right occasion, taking advantage of the silence and the surrounding darkness, to take stock of some situation that causes us anxiety or that deserves to be explored calmly; at the same time, the darkness makes us indulge in melancholy, in the memory of something or someone lost forever, rather than observing with a detached gaze the night scenarios as if everything that happens around us did not concern us. The eight tracks unwind among all these sensations, often of opposite matrix at a humoral level, but united by their sharpening during the late hours: obviously the musical structure is also affected, if by the very nature of ambient is not subject to sudden deviations, it becomes equally more minimal and suffused, sacrificing perhaps some melodic momentum in favour of a more rarefied approach. The glimpses of life, his own or others, past, present or future that is, are transmitted with the now customary skill by Lorenzo, a musician like few others these days in offering the ideal sound accompaniment to the various stages of our existence. Fallen‘s ambient music continues to offer us magnificent sensations, all the more so in view of the recent release of Tout Est Silencieux, a work that we plan to talk about in the near future, even if, as always when it comes to similar sounds, words are really nothing compared to listening directly.

2018 – Cathedral Transmissions