From the ever more precious Everlasting Spew treasure chests comes this fearsome creature called Void Rot, dedicated to a death doom whose darkness is almost impossible to break through. Consumed To Oblivion has just been published by the Italian label in synergy with the Sentient Ruin Laboratories (which is responsible for the release in tape format): it’s an ep that, albeit with its only fifteen minutes, rightly places the Minneapolis band among the best emerging realities of the genre. The death doom of Void Rot starts from the always fundamental Finnish school, even if among the various citations in the biography are also mentioned the fellow countrymen Spectral Voice, and in fact the authors of the magnificent Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing seem to be a natural reference point for ours. The three tracks, objectively short for the consolidated habits of the genre, reveal the compositional mastery with which these four guys manipulate the material making it compelling for the fan from the first to the last minute. The title track is really an example of how Void Rot interprets death doom: a roaring and lowered sound, that doesn’t disdain some rhythmic acceleration, always keeping high the tension and the morbid attitude. A magnificent test for a band that has already the cards in order to leave its mark with a desirable next full length.

2018 – Everlasting Spew Records / Sentient Ruin Laboratories