This is the first step for Eyze, authors of an interesting work that shows a very valid interpretation of atmospheric death doom. Taking conceptual cue from the initiation rituals of the Algonquin Indians, the Portuguese band disengages itself with good melodic taste and discreet personality in the meanders of the genre, paying slightly due to a production a bit rough, especially with regard to the vocal and percussion compartment, nothing that goes to invalidate the work as a whole. The more evocative songs work better, like Strayed From The Light, Corrosion Of The Soul and the final and longest of the lot, Haze Of Doom, while in general the absence of a keyboard that could fill in some too many spaces is felt. Apart from a few minor flaws, Lost In Emptiness is a work that can be appreciated for its genuine and painful pace, so we have to applaud the Pombal quartet for this first release, which lays a foundation that is already solid enough to support the weight of a long-distance work, even if it must be said that, in fact, the almost three quarters of an hour of duration of the work is already a very probing turnover.

2018 – Loneravn Records