Esoteric – The Pernicious Enigma

Aesthetic Death’s meritorious reissue of Esoteric‘s works continues: last year we were able to appreciate Esoteric Emotions – The Death Of Ignorance, the debut demo of Greg Chandler’s creature, but with The Pernicious Enigma we take another step forward. The reason is soon explained and not only derives from the importance of the work in question, but also from the fact that everything has been subject to a restyling by the same Chandler, whose mastery is universally recognized even behind the mixer. Clearly everything is easier when the object of the operation is one of the best funeral doom albums ever published and, specifically, the one that just over twenty years ago placed the English band at the top of the movement. Those who already know the contents of The Pernicious Enigma but did not own the original copy, with this reissue can kill two birds with one stone, while if, however, some fan had missed the contents, it should be known that Chandler’s interpretation of the genre is unique in its own way, placing itself in a balanced way between the extremist harshness of the North American matrix and the more melodic atmospheric approach of most of the Scandinavian school. After listening to two masterpieces such as Creation and Dominion Of Slaves, half an hour has already passed, but there is still time to enjoy three times as much; this double album, in fact, in addition to oppressive and painful tracks offered with the usual mastery, also shows the experimental vis of NOXBC9701040 and the sudden death rant of At War With The Race, before closing with the poignant ending of Passing Through Matter. The re-release of The Pernicious Enigma can only be greeted with enthusiasm by the many admirers of Esoteric but, on the other hand, is likely to increase even more the sense of waiting for new material that has been going on since the end of 2011, when Greg Chandler gave funeral fans the last full length Paragon Of Dissonance.

1997 – Autoprodotto 2018 – Aesthetic Death