Seven long years separate us from the last signal sent out by Kostas Panagiotu’s creature, from the controversial and perhaps not entirely in focus 2011 self-titled album. Now Kostas, who has been busy with multiple projects in the meantime (Toward Atlantis Light, Aphonic Threnody and Clouds among others), with the support of new musicians, including Daniel Neagoe (Eye of Solitude, Clouds and a thousand others) “on drums”, gives us an hour of music with a strong and ancient charm. An extremely evocative cover as well as the title, Seeking Infinity the work takes us back to the roots of their funeral doom, incorporating atmospheric and progressive drifts present in their two previous works from 2008 (Journey through the lands unknown) and 2011 (Pantheist). Back in 2016, Kostas had already started working on the current opus, releasing a futuristic space doom EP, Chapters (now sold out), to self-finance himself and writing a short story, Events, which represents the concept of the new album: professor Losaline travels through time trying to understand why humanity is running towards self-destruction and finding, as the only answer, the total irresponsibility of mankind that never learns from its mistakes. The work is absolutely inspired, with an interplay between piano, keyboards and guitars that reaches remarkable levels, reminding us of the uniqueness of the sound of the band, born in Belgium but now London-based; long tracks, full of suggestions and torn apart atmospheres right from the opener Control & fire, where an intense bass sound accompanies us along eleven enchanting minutes. For 500 B.C to 30 A.D- The Enlightened Ones there is also an absolutely recommended video, to immerse you in a funeral with an ancient and mysterious flavour; the piano chisels out the melodies, while the atmosphere becomes heavier, taking us into vigorous and tense doom spaces and reminding us that “you can run but you can’t hide from the quiet flow of time and the dark tentacles of fate push you towards your destiny“. A story in itself are the six abundant minutes of 1453: An Empire Crumbles in which the narration of the fall of Constantinople, the last bastion of the Eastern Roman Empire, is conducted on an organ base created ad hoc to celebrate an ancient ritual; a track that, although using different ingredients, reaches superb atmospheric levels. The last two tracks, totalling about twenty-seven minutes, in their doom majesty sublimate a work in which the incessant dialogue between piano and guitars leads us to places where the purest form of funeral doom is distilled and loneliness and despair accompany the deeds of every man. A great return, the long wait was not in vain. (M.Pagliaro – MetalEyes 24/9/2018)

2018 – Melancholic Realm Productions / The Vinyl Division