1914 – The Blind Leading The Blind

This 2018, which is about to end, has given those who follow the fate of extreme metal a series of beautiful albums, to which is added the second mammoth work of the Ukrainians 1914, a moniker that recalls the year of the beginning of the Great War, the most terrible conflict in human history. The Lviv-based band is made up of five musicians with a passion for everything to do with the First World War, who founded the group to honour all the victims of the conflict. The first album, released three years ago and titled Eschatology of War, already showed the potential of the Ukrainian quintet, here exploded with force in the plots of The Blind Leading The Blind, a magnificent work accompanied by an eloquent cover, with death that wanders among the corpses and the wounded tried by the clashes, like an evil vulture in search of flesh and souls. The artwork, with its faded, period colours, is chilling, as is the intro, a song that comes from the past and takes us back there, before Arrival. The Meuse-Argonne sweeps us away and throws us into the warlike, dark, dramatic and tragic atmosphere of the work. The sound of 1914 is a black death full of suffocating and terrorizing atmospheres, it travels clean and powerful and brakes while the quagmire of the trenches reaches thresholds where only doom can explain its discomfort, as death wanders among the rubble and the barbed wire, letting itself be carried away by its cruel hunger for souls with black outbursts absolutely devastating but perfectly readable, thanks to a perfect work in production and arrangement. The tracks are marked by atmospheric nuances that freeze the listener: soldiers’ marches, old-time songs and desperate cries that seem to reach us like an unheeded warning from another era. A7V Mephisto, High Wood. 75 Acres of Hell and The Hundred Days Offensive are the milestones of this descent into the man-made hell on earth of that time, a work of terrifying beauty told with the help of the only music possible, extreme metal. (A.Centenari – MetalEyes 27/9/18)

2018 – Archaic Sound