Sektarism – Fils De Dieu

There are those who already consider the canonical forms of funeral doom as something totally alien to their conception of music. Well, we know then that you can also go well beyond a heartbreaking evocation of pain and the sense of human transience, as happens for example with the work of Sektarism, French combo arrived with Fils De Dieu to its third full length. This sort of fraternity of pain formed by musicians gravitating in the well-known and oblique French black metal scene, in circulation for about a decade and very active in particular in the last three years, has resumed hammering mercilessly the audience to reaffirm the ignominy of human existence. The sound of Sektarism is a real ritual, which is perpetrated through albums recorded live and performances that, I imagine, are as far as you can imagine from a canonical concert; the sound only sometimes takes the form of a funeral doom deviated, but mostly is marked by the invocations of vocalist Eklezjas’Tik Berzerk that stand out incessantly on a substrate drone noise that avoids any semblance of song form. That said, the only way to listen to the music of Sektarism without being dismissed with loss is to grasp, first of all, the meaning of their proposal from a conceptual point of view: including this, that is, the fact that the transalpine band stages a sort of musical self-flagellation, then one can try to open this terrifying book and leaf through its pages trying to let oneself be wounded by the ten minutes of heartbreaking screams of Oderint Dum Metuant, which are then nothing but a sort of long introduction to the second track Sacrifice, over half an hour of sonic despair that plunges us into absolute darkness. Fils De Dieu is a work for strong stomachs and well-trained ears, but to think of escaping Sektarism is a vain attempt; after all, we should all start thinking about the opportunity to atone, sooner or later, for the guilt of existing, because when we will be called to answer will inevitably be too late.

2018 – End All Life Productions