Ataraxia – Synchronicity Embraced

When we are given the opportunity to listen to an Ataraxia album, we cannot help but think how miserable our lives would be if deprived of that absolute art form that is music. A record like Synchronicity Embraced represents that prodigy that is repeated punctually with every release by the Emilian band, a true excellence of the Italian music movement, regardless of genre subdivisions. Ataraxia‘s music has no space-time limits and, even if it can sometimes offer the deceptive impression of coming from a remote past, it is in fact as always rich in nuances that make its setting firmly current. Perhaps it is precisely in this aspect that the ensemble led by the voice of Francesca Nicoli and the compositional genius of Vittorio Vandelli differs from another Italian sound gem that moves on contiguous territories such as the Camerata Mediolanense: in fact, although the points of contact between these two magnificent realities are not few, the group from Lombardy seems more oriented to a philological research that inevitably turns its gaze backwards. Ataraxia, on the other hand, spread their wings in a flight that soars over neo-folk and dark wave, lapping at the buttresses of Morricone and then gliding over the bases of the most cultured Italian musical tradition. Synchronicity Embraced is the gift that musicians of an unreachable level make available to those who want to appropriate it, enjoying the poetic and evocative content of a work that enchants and surprises again, because listening to tracks of unreal beauty such as Sikia, Chiron Quartz and the title track returns emotions difficult to reproduce in other areas. Let’s take all the time we need, in these dreary autumn days, to raise our spirits above earthly nefariousness by listening to this latest masterpiece by Ataraxia: an opportunity that comes up rarely and that, all the more reason, should not be wasted.

2018 – Sleaszy Rider Records