Carpe Noctem – Vitrun

Vitrun is the second full length of Carpe Noctem, an Icelandic band that counts among its ranks musicians active in several other groups of the scene, among which stands out the name of Árni, engine of the magnificent Árstíðir Lífsins, here on bass. This work is the umpteenth that we happen to listen to this year, so that the cataloguing within the black metal, although correct from a purely theoretical point of view, is likely to be misleading in the light of its real content. Just as misleading is, in some ways, the opener Söngurinn sem ómar á milli stjarnanna, the only song that seems to give reason to the brand associated with Carpe Noctem, even with its far from linear progression, but it’s from the following Upplausn that Vitrun changes gear completely, letting flow those levels of tension and intensity that will then be the hallmark of the work until its conclusion; this is a truly splendid episode in which emerges a minimal but peculiar and insinuating guitar work. The dissonances of Og hofið fylltist af reyk characterise a track that becomes furious in the finale, a storm that is followed by the calm of Hér hvílir bölvun, a masterpiece track that rises slowly and unstoppably like an oceanic tide. The liquid but always nervous instrumental Úr beinum og brjóski keeps the pathos high before the last emotional tear represented by Sá sem slítur vængi flugunnar hefur náð hugljómun, in which Carpe Noctem exalt their not trivial instrumental skills (Helgi’s drumming is sprawling and full of variations) thanks to which an objectively complex work manages to flow without the listener being put in front of a sound puzzle. Of course, from raw black to what is contained in Vitrun there seem to be several geological eras, but the starting point is still the one that, today, more than in all other genres of metal, seems to offer various interpreters the opportunity to forge the material and make it unique without making it lose its original connotation: if, then, to do so are magnificent musicians like Carpe Noctem, the masterpiece is something that comes as a result.

2018 – Code666 Records