A few days ago we had the chance to talk about the split album De Oord, featuring two Dutch bands, Fluisteraars and Turia. From these same bands come the two musicians involved in the first work of these Solar Temple, authors of a remarkable album like Fertile Descent. O (Omar Kleiss, guitarist in Turia) and M. (Mink Koops, drummer of Fluisteraars), after last year’s demo, make their long-distance debut with a work made up of only two very long tracks (which is not surprising, given what was offered by the mother bands in the work just mentioned) within which are found solutions of great interest, often outside the canons of black metal; the impact of Solar Temple is based on the reiteration of themes that gradually go to change until they take on a completely different appearance than their start. Those Who Dwell In The Spiral Dark, for example, starts with very fast rhythms and the guitar weaves a thin melodic line before dissolving in a very particular atmospheric part, where moods that bring us back to A Forest Of Stars as well as Lunar Aurora, under the sign of a keyboard work, then, even referable to the progressive seventies. White Jaw is even longer, lasting more than twenty minutes, a track that winds in a very rhythmic way at the beginning, followed by a central black with psalmodizing voices and by a slower reprise, then flowing into a drone noisiness that highlights the good experimental vis of the duo. Fertile Descent keeps faith with the expectations raised by the works proposed by the duo with their respective bands, but in my opinion here we go even slightly beyond, as certain dictates of the genre are at times blissfully ignored by letting loose multiple nature drives without ever failing, even in the most difficult listening, that level of tension perceived from the first notes. The feeling is however that of being in the presence of a reality with impressive potential, and the same goes for the emerging scene located in the Dutch region of Gelderland.

2018 – Eisenwald