Mourning By Morning – Mourning By Morning

Mourning By Morning is the name of yet another solo project from the United States that offers an excellent interpretation of atmospheric black metal. It’s nothing new, also because the same road is beaten by an infinity of musicians, most of whom are certainly very good, but a good reason to pay due attention to the work of Sörjande is his distinct propensity to compose painful melodies of great impact. Even the adequate production does justice to this excellent self-titled work, which unfolds for forty minutes in a convincing manner and without any particular lapses. The Ohio guy, before getting to his debut full length, has published in the last two years a considerable number of releases with a reduced length, which certainly allowed him to arrive at the appointment fully prepared. The album moves at controlled rhythms, without ever losing a melancholic feeling that finds its appropriate counterpart in an adequate scream and in a precise and incisive guitar work at every juncture. So it’s a pleasure to listen to really intense songs at an emotional level and with a non-trivial melodic development, which fits well within the black structure, such as At Heart, The Bride Of Ice, I Wander and the magnificent and final Wintertide, but it must be said that there is not a single track in this work that does not deserve to be heard, and this is never a foregone conclusion.
Mourning By Morning has the merit of leaving us with a feeling of melancholy that, despite the lyrical contents do not induce optimism, is pleasantly suffused rather than directed towards a hopeless despair: also for this reason the work of the talented Sörjande has some more chances to reach a wider number of listeners.

2018 – Wolfspell Records