Spectrum Mortis – Kadosh (קדוש)

קדוש (Kadosh) is the title of this ep by Spanish band Spectrum Mortis. The work is based on an interesting black doom imbued with a mystical aura well introduced by the Latin psalmody heard in the initial title track. The remaining three tracks show a band with clear ideas on the objectives to pursue, which are essentially aimed at offering an occult and ritualistic sound in which converge in a balanced way the different extreme genres. What strikes of a work of this kind is also its quality in terms of sound and execution by the individual musicians; also thanks to this that the message of Spectrum Mortis comes perhaps and clearly to the ears of the listeners, and a magnificent song as Fiat Nox testifies it in the best way, with its solemn and threatening pace in the grooves of the best black doom. Et Filius Aurora moves the coordinates towards death, without the development of the song not finding space for slowdowns to collect the invocations uttered by vocalist Sheram, and always black death even more furious is then what is hurled on the audience with Christus Mysticusm, confirming the wise alternation with passages more rarefied to break the tension and then re-explode it with even more strength and conviction. The work is short, hovering around twenty-five minutes in length, but the density of sound means that this does not turn into a defect: what remains is the impression of having heard the work of a band of high level, able to handle with competence a matter with which neophytes risk at every turn to fall into the ridiculous.

2018 – Black Seed Productions