Voidhaven – Voidhaven

This ep is the first self-titled release for the German band Voidhaven, which counts among its ranks two members of Ophis (Simon Schorneck and Philipp Kruppa). With these premises, combined with the fact that most of the band has a past in Crimson Swan, a lesser known name but still gravitating in the doom circle, the sound offered is obviously well oriented towards a melancholic direction although rather melodic, thanks to the consistent use of clean vocals. The two tracks in the setlist, which are around ten minutes in length, prove to be sufficiently probing about the potential of this new band, and it’s no coincidence that Solitude has already secured their performance. Voidhaven reach an ideal balance between the melodic funeral of Ophis and the gothic doom of Crimson Swan, going to settle on territories contiguous to Swallow The Sun and Evadne, by virtue of a sound mostly painful and atmospheric, soiled only from time to time by some roughness represented by more robust riffs and the use of growl. The Floating Grave is on the whole more persuasive, while Beyond The Bounds Of Sleep shows more dramatic traits, even if the clean singing is normally used as in the bands mentioned above, coinciding with the most intense passages from the emotional point of view. It follows that this first release of Voidhaven gives us a new band with the doom chromosomes in the right place to offer us, in the near future, an interpretation of the genre qualitatively up to this very welcome first taste.

2018 – Solitude Productions