The title of an album rarely fits better with the musical content of this Black Hole, an ep by Necandi Homines who are intent on throwing the listener into an existential chasm with undefined boundaries. The band is back from the excellent full length Da’at, of last year, but the new patronage provided by the collaboration between two labels such as Third I Rex and Toten Schwan seems to have sharpened the experimental and psychedelic vein that was already visibly impressed in a black doom completely sui generis. The three tracks contained in Black Hole show as many facets of Necandi Homines, from the dark and restless doom-like gait of the first one, to the more nervous and extreme unwinding of the second one, which can be traced back to a black metal that is still alien in nature, to the long and deadly mantra of the last episode, in which psalmodic voices chase each other, resting on a psychedelic/ritual carpet that can dig deep furrows. A work like Black Hole is the exemplification of what should be the experimentalism in the extreme field, that is not a disconnected noise and end in itself, but a succession of moments and intentions that unhinge what has been done before, acting at the same time as a prop for what will come next. Half an hour of complex music, probably difficult for many, but absolutely to try to assimilate without leaving any stone unturned in the search for the key to access it.

2018 – Third I Rex / Toten Schwan Records