Funeral Tears – The Only Way Out

Fourth full length for Nikolay Seredov’s funeral death doom project Funeral Tears; only one year after Beyond The Horizon, the Russian musician proposes The Only Way Out, with the intention of confirming the remarkable levels reached with the previous work. Let’s say right away that the goal is brilliantly achieved by Seredov, who has now acquired that mastery of the genre that characterizes the best performers: the album shows a brilliant and mature songwriting, an adjective that should not suggest a mannered approach, because in the doom field this would be a sort of mortal sin. Seredov presents a work that lasts about three quarters of an hour, with four long tracks of ten minutes on average plus an outro: the sound is the one we have learned to know in recent years, so what we should expect is a melodic funeral, atmospheric, fluid and in its own way catchy, as well as accompanied by an excellent vocal interpretation. The opening Become The God leaves no room for misunderstanding: Funeral Tears is synonymous with painful sounds, melancholic but not desperate, thanks to an enveloping sound mainly based on a clean guitar work, linear but able to leave a mark at an emotional level. Be Humane is also beautiful, as is, to an even greater extent, Look In The Mirror, the true fulcrum of the album and a track in which Nikolay’s compositional work appears to be focused at its best on the evocative side. The following title track appears slightly less intense, perhaps because the tension is attenuated by a few too many interlocutory passages, but it’s a venial sin because even here the emotional chords are sufficiently velvety. The appointment with the new work by Funeral Tears turns out to be as welcome as usual, thanks to the work of a musician who gives melodic funeral fans exactly what they would have wanted to hear.

2018 – Ksenza Records 2019 – Cold Art Industry