Just under a year later, we find Matteo Brusa grappling with the second chapter of his ambient project La Tredicesima Luna. Oltre l’Ultima Onda del Mare, like the previous Il Sentiero degli Dei, departs from the dungeon synths that made the Milanese musician famous under the Medhelan monicker; here we find a form of ambient with rarefied sounds that are well suited to the aquatic theme evoked by the album’s title and those of the tracks that comprise it. In fact, it is natural, closing one’s eyes, to imagine boats moving slowly in the open sea surrounded only by boundless expanses of water, thanks to the minimal keyboard touches inserted on an enveloping atmospheric background. Both tracks, close to a quarter of an hour in duration, unfold softly, prefiguring a placid sea, with little or no wave motion, on which the bows gently glide towards an indefinite half, although it must be said that in its second half The Solitude of the Infinite Sea suddenly surges and then subsides again in the finale, almost as if the hope of glimpsing a land that has emerged is definitively frustrated by the dawning that shows only unlimited horizons. That of Brisa is another excellent test by a musician who once again tries to push himself beyond the consolidated scheme that has provided him with good acclaim; the ambient of La Tredicesima Luna is undoubtedly aimed at a more select audience, but its quality will surely make it a harbinger of further and well-deserved gratifications for its author.

2018 – Lighten Up Sounds