After his splendid work under the Angor Animi label, Kjiel returns with Eyelessight, the first band to highlight his talent. Six years after the demo I-I and four years after the first full length Mantra Per Sopravvivere Inutilmente, Athazagorafobia is an even more ambitious work as it partly frees itself from the stylistic features of depressive black while pushing towards a musical form and a lyricism that go well beyond the sometimes narrow boundaries of this subgenre. The Abruzzo musician for the occasion consolidates the fruitful collaboration with Déhà, who took care of the realization of the work in the studios of Brussels, and with the consolidated presence of Hk realizes a valuable work, in which the depressive state in its tragic and varied forms is addressed in a less compulsive and more organic, without losing the characteristics of this particular musical offering. Atazagoraphobia is the fear of being abandoned or, in any case, forgotten by everyone, and is one of the many disorders that affect the most fragile and sensitive people, who are naturally the most exposed to various mental illnesses: Eyelessight immerse us in a world where the various phobias plague existences that continue to be connected to reality by a very thin thread, always about to break irretrievably. Compared to the past, the sound is less extreme and therefore less tied to the stylistic features of true depressive and in this becomes decisive also the growth of Kjiel as a performer, proving capable today to disengage better with the clean voice thus providing an alternative to his heartbreaking and always functional screams of despair. Moments of peace, with liquid notes accompanying whispered or apparently calm vocals, alternate in a tragic bipolarism with black matrix outbursts in which Kjiel’s and Hk’s screams plunge us back into the deepest and unfathomable folds of the human psyche. What strikes us, as always in the works of this musician, is her innate ability to cloak even the most dramatic moments in poignant melodic passages, something that happens in this work in a touching way, especially in songs like Smarrendo illusioni and Ossessiva Nostalgia. Nostomania (the fear of returning to one’s habitual abode), Monophobia (the maniacal obsession with something) and the even more frightening Anhedonia (the inability to feel interest or pleasure in any kind of activity) are all sides of the same coin made up of loneliness, incommunicability and pain, feelings that are often concealed from the surrounding world by a mask of convenience forced on them by a society that tolerates weakness or fragility less and less. Eyelessight paint this scarlet-coloured picture in the most faithful and painful way and give a work of rare emotional intensity; as always, this cannot be music for all ears, but never before has the added value of a feminine sensitivity been perceived as on this occasion, which cloaks this desperate cry of pain addressed to a world that does not know and does not want to try to pick it up.

2018 – Talheim Records