Argonavis – Passing The Igneous Maw

Argonavis is the moniker adopted by this Canadian duo at their debut with a full length marked by a very rough interpretation of death doom. The slow times of this work are in fact furrowed by some accelerations of black matrix and by a merciless growl in brutal style, with some sporadic atmospheric digression. On the whole, the work is interesting for its obscure and threatening pace, and the stylistic integrity of the North American band is a decisive element to approach with the right spirit a proposal certainly hostile, in which there are no concessions to a greater accessibility, not even in terms of biographical information or anything else. Argonavis are basically interested in immersing the listener in dark and unhealthy caverns with their style that is well suited to historical and philosophical themes related to ancient and buried civilizations. Passing The Igneous Maw flows in a monolithic way, with its lowered sound that finds its best moments in the sonic maelstrom entitled The Blazing Torrent Of Nasus’ Victory: Pyrophlegethon, in which some discontinuity appears more than the rest of a definitely valid work, even if addressed to a very small circle of fans.

2018 – Gravplass Propaganda