Sorrowful Land – I Remember

For his new work under the name Sorrowful Land, Max Molodtsov has left no stone unturned, bringing together several prominent names from the doom scene and assigning them the task of enriching this second full length of his project, entitled I Remember. In each track we find voices known to the audience of death doom fans such as two charismatic figures of the weight of Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Eye Of Solitude) and Evander Sinque (Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Umercenaries) but not only, if we think also to the presence of Kaivan Sarei (A Dream Of Poe), Vladislav Shahin (Mournful Gust) and Daniel Arvidsson (Draconian), as well as the valuable guitar contribution of Vito Marchese of Novembers Doom. All the good things the Ukrainian musician has already demonstrated with his previous works find in I Remember an ideal finalization thanks to the variety of solutions allowed by the different vocal styles of the guests; therefore, if the persuasive clean voice of Sarei is suitable for a softly melancholic song like And Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low? Neagoe’s anthological growl shifts the next song, When The World’s Gone Cold, to slower rhythms and more tragic atmospheres, even if the intertwining of Daniel’s and Max’s clean vocals softens everything without forgetting the Ukrainian musician’s clear and melodic guitar work. A Father I Never Had is one of the gems of the work and also the only track in which Molodtsov does not make use of guests: his vocal style, after all, is certainly not lacking in expressiveness and the innate ease in unleashing magnificent guitar lines (not unlike a model such as that represented by Johan Ericson) makes this track truly splendid. In Weep On, Weep On we find another of the most effective growl of the scene, that of Evander Sinque, a prominent figure of the Moscow scene of which we had not had the pleasure to hear the deep timbre after the untimely death of his longtime friend Gungrind: the song is less immediate and the harshest and deepest of the tracklist, although it never fails the atmospheric touch that is a common feature of the entire work. In I Am The Only Being Whose Doom it is the turn of one of the icons of the Ukrainian scene, Vladimir Shahin, who with his Mournful Gust was one of the first in his land to explore with skill those painful sounds; his vocal interpretation gives great emphasis to a song in which even the guitar touch of Marchese, different from Molodtsov’s, gives a certain discontinuity compared to the other tracks. The album closes with another gem full of pain as The Kingdom Of Nothingness, played by an excellent Daniel Arvidsson, usually only guitarist in Draconian, going to put the final piece to another work of great consistency of this excellent Kharkiv musician that seems to have temporarily frozen his previous creature Edenian to channel all their efforts on a solo project, such as that of Sorrowful Land, definitely harbinger of satisfaction, certainly at least in quality. The only reproachable note attributable to Molodtsov is the choice of a cover that doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the album, beyond the hidden meanings that maybe this could cover within the lyrical context: a venial sin that doesn’t make a work like I Remember less attractive for the fans of melodic death doom.

2018 – Solitude Productions