Lifeless Gaze – The Unbearable Darkness of Being

Lifeless Gaze are a Katowice duo whose approach to the genre did not immediately appear to be one of the smoothest; indeed, full length The Pain Rises Within Flesh (2017) reveals itself to be an intricate jumble of black, funeral and dark ambient, all executed with due skill. Clearly sounds of this nature do not have a song form or melodic development but rather the reiteration of themes disturbed by filtered vocals and mangled instruments; all of which is repeated to no end, creating a dangerous addiction if you are not prepared to interrupt the flow after a few minutes. At that point, M. and N.’s work of deconstruction is destined to be completed, appearing as a sort of more extreme version, in the metal sense, of Cold Meat Industry productions. The subsequent The Unbearable Darkness of Being confirms and reinforces the above impressions while the most recent single Life Equals Zero, the last track of the previous work and recorded live for the occasion, has the task of offering followers shreds of an obscure ritual.

2018 – Zły Demiurg