Fordomth – I.N.D.N.S.L.E. – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi

The debut album of this Catania band, as often happens to works belonging to the circle of funeral doom, has had a very long gestation, in this case almost three years at the end of which finally I.N.D.N.S.L.E. (In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi) is released by the specialized Russian label Endless Winter. Starting from the assumption that in our parts the subgenre is not attended in an assiduous way as it happens in Northern Europe or in the former Soviet countries, Fordomth bring an important contribution with a record of considerable thickness, in which the matter is treated in a careful way, without excesses neither in the melodic nor in the experimental sense. We have here a work that follows consolidated canons and is rather full-bodied for its duration of almost an hour, most of which is occupied by the very long Chapter III – Eternal Damnation. Already from these coordinates it is clear that the work is dedicated to those who handle certain sounds in an assiduous manner and is certainly not rejected at the first approach from the slow and gloomy pace that the Sicilian band rarely gives up, now in favor of more delicate and evocative passages (Chapter IV – Interlude) now allowing some reasoned acceleration as in the final title track. Although Fordomth cite bands such as Ahab and Evoken as possible sources of inspiration, their sound actually has a Mediterranean imprint that is expressed in the form of a sound that is never too harsh or icy, letting the emotional aspect dominate even when Gabriele Catania’s pitiless growl dominates the scene. The fulcrum of the work is Chapter III – Eternal Damnation, a song that alone makes twenty-five minutes of doom ritual driven by a remarkable guitar work that dictates a well-defined melodic line: it’s precisely in these moments, when the sound becomes more rarefied, or when the vocal interpretation becomes more dramatic, that reminiscences of Cultus Sanguine emerge, seminal band whose legacy has never been fully collected, while the closing of the album refers to a more gothic reality as the Portuguese Desire. The fact that these bands are now defunct, or at least inactive for a long time from the point of view of recordings, is symptomatic of a very genuine interpretation of the genre, with important content covered by an effective production because it returns sounds very novantiani, thus increasing the charm of a beautiful album. From the biographical notes it is clear that Fordomth‘s growth has been partly hindered by the usual line-up problems, and it is not by chance that of the line-up that recorded I.N.D.N.S.L.E. today remain only Gabriele Catania and Gianluca Buscema; we can only hope that the band finds, in this sense, the appropriate stability, in light of the skills demonstrated with a work able to lead the listener in those meanders of existence in which many love to get lost, accompanied by these dark and painful scores.

2018 – Endless Winter 2021 – Illuminandi Service