The meeting of sensitive and tormented souls can only produce music that fully reflects these characteristics. The collaboration of Kjiel, who I have no hesitation in defining as the leading artist of the Italian DSBM movement, with the multiform genius of Déhà took shape on the occasion of the Angor Animi album, a project of the Abruzzese musician that blossomed last year with the splendid Cyclothymia, and was reinforced today with this long twenty-five-minute track, the result of an improvisation born at the Opus Studio in Brussels during the recording sessions of Athazagoraphobia, the new album by Eyelessight. As The Sun In Your Eyes, although it may have, on the basis of what has been said, extemporaneous characteristics, is in fact an admirable synthesis between what Déhà has been able to do with his project closest to the depressive, Imber Luminis, and Kjiel’s more direct and harrowing approach to the subject, accompanied also by the ever-present HK on drums and, for the occasion, also on vocals. The most attentive listeners will thus be able to hear with a certain ease the two souls merging into a unique sound, capable of preserving the peculiar elements of each of them without one overpowering the other; it would have been a pity if what came out of this encounter had remained unheard, because As The Sun In Your Eyes is a demonstration of the enormous potential available to the musicians involved, without forgetting that all this also represents, in the end, an ideal viaticum for listening to the new Eyelessight album, just released by Talheim Records. There is therefore no shortage of good reasons to listen to this achingly melancholic piece of music and make it your own by visiting Imber Luminis’ bandcamp.

2018 – Independent