Eye of Nix – Black Somnia

This is the second album for Eye Of Nix, a band from the United States that, without posing too many problems, brings together impulses from various genres that share the same depth and are marked by an obscure imprint. If Wound And Scar is a harrowing track that leads to the territories of the harshest post-hardcore, thanks to a paroxysmal vocal interpretation of the talented Joy von Spain, Fear’s Ascent begins with notes that seem to come from a Joy Division record and then get transfigured by rhythmic variations and the arrival of the vocalist to tones that bring us back to the less glossy Bjork of the Sugarcubes era. These two clues already constitute abundant proof, since Black Somnia takes the listener for a walk, taking him by the hand and then abandoning him for several minutes in caverns now frightening, now falsely reassuring, as if to reproduce the setting of some psychological horror. Even more disturbing vocals characterize A Curse, a litany in Galas style that leaves very few melodic outlets, while the acoustic incipit of Lull marks the first moment of true quietness found within the work that, at this stage, sees a rarefaction of sounds, continued also in Toll On, that doesn’t make the tension decrease until the end with A Hideous Visage, in which the post metal sludge takes the scene and doesn’t leave it anymore, between dissonances, asphyxiating slowdowns and Joy’s voice that continues to tear the listener’s soul until its annihilation. Black Somnia is an album that brings to light a band of great quality, with a seal of approval from Prophecy Productions.

2017 – Autoprodotto 2018 – Prophecy Productions / Scry Recordings