Skepticism – Stormcrowfleet

Talking about the reissue of Stormcrowfleet is necessary not so much to tell about its contents that every self-respecting funeral doom fan will know perfectly, but to remark how this album marks in an indelible way the history of the genre because, even if it arrived shortly after Thergothon’s Stream From The Heavens, it shows the essential guidelines of the most melodic and atmospheric variable of the genre thanks to the use of an organ that remains inimitable, despite several attempts to reproduce such sounds by different epigones. Moreover, compared to their seminal compatriots who broke up after the release of their only full length, the Riihimäki quartet has given continuity to their inimitable career, even if, perhaps, to many people five albums in over twenty years of activity may seem (with some reason) too few. The coherence of Skepticism can be easily found thanks to a sound that has remained almost unchanged, so much so that listening to Stormcrowfleet and the latest Ordeal, released twenty-two years apart, it’s hard to tell if it’s the former that’s a step ahead of its time or the latter that emerges from a distant past, but maybe both things are true, in the sense that the proposal possesses such unique characteristics as to be temporally unplaceable. Among the various reissues to which the work has been subjected over the years, this one by Svart Records is certainly the most interesting, being the result of the remix of songs taken directly from the original tape with the supervision of the band, and presenting, in addition to the CD version, also the limited edition double vinyl version; for the rest there is little to say, except that such a milestone should be revered as it deserves by those who knew it in the past, while those who want to approach the genre could start from this, which is the closest point to where it all began.

2018 – Svart Records