When summing up a scene as important as the Polish one, one can’t help but notice that it hasn’t produced any great bands in the funeral death doom field, unlike other genres. Maybe Painthing won’t be able to change this state of affairs, but their long distance debut Where Are You Now…? certainly has all the qualities to be remembered with pleasure by fans of the genre. The Warsaw band, in fact, does for the most part what you would expect, that is to say they offer melancholic but not tragic sounds, marked by a good melodic taste and played and produced in a linear way, which doesn’t mean they are scholastic or obvious, but well focused on the goal of transmitting emotions, which is the real target of the genre. Painthing take as a possible reference, among the many available, When Nothing Remains, one of the bands that in this decade has been able to combine at best the melodic harshness of death with the painful feeling of doom, and from this base, obviously fishing elsewhere, they move since the opener Between, making it clear that their goal will be pursued without taking improbable alternative roads. Of course, here too we find the often infamous clean vocals (the use of which by many bands seems almost to be a sort of pawn to be paid by who knows whom, with mostly discouraging results), but fortunately all in all acceptable in their nuances and not as improbable as those that had sunk the debut of fellow countrymen Oktor, of which we find here the Rajkow-Krzywicki brothers, working with the rhythm section.
Having said that, Kuba Grobelny’s growl is of excellent workmanship and good intelligibility, as well as the guitar work of the same vocalist and Michał Świdnicki is valid, and Darek Ojdana’s keyboard work is measured and essential; and so it is that, without reinventing the wheel, Painthing exhibit for about an hour their intriguing idea of melodic death doom, making themselves listened to with a certain ease from the beginning to the end, with a mention of merit for an involving track like The Shell I Live In. Where Are You Now…? is an ideal debut, which allows the Polish band to place an already solid base for a compositional system that seems to have the necessary numbers to grow further in the future.

2018 – Solitude Productions