What seemed like an impromptu project in 2010 has, over the years, become one of the most interesting bands on the US doom/gothic scene. Sal Abruscato, formerly of Type 0 Negative and Life Of Agony among others, has continued down the road paved by genre guru Peter Steele with A Pale Horse Named Death, arriving with this excellent When the World Becomes Undone at their third full length in less than a decade. Mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More,Yes, Sepultura, Halford) this mammoth new work by the New York-based group turns out to be yet another skyscraper erected above floors of doom-structured metal/rock music, among which wander grunge, hardcore and metal souls that find no peace. An hour of metal drags through the remnants of a world stripped bare and now in shambles, with a slow pace that at times lets rage take over, with splashes of dark hardcore delivering death blows to the album’s gothic, disillusioned atmosphere. Those signature walls of sound of doom metal played in the Big Apple return to rattle the membranes of crates left in the dust of time before the new millennium saw the light of day, forgotten graveyards among the neighborhoods of a metropolis overshadowed by evil and bearing on the tombstones the titles of tracks such as the title track, Feel In My Hole, Lay With The Wicked, Splinters and which see spinning among the earthen mellowed veiled sound forms with similarities to Type 0 Negative, Life Of Agony, Alice In Chains and Danzig. The return of A Pale Horse Named Death is beautiful and absolutely unmissable for lovers of the sound born among the streets of Brooklyn some thirty years ago. (A.Centenari – Metaleyes 28/12/2018)

2019 – Long Branch Records