Rigor Sardonicous – Ridenti Mortuus

Rigor Sardonicous is one of the longest-lived funeral doom bands in the United States, considering that their debut demo dates back to 1994, even if the first of their six full lengths only saw the light (so to speak…) in 1999. Ridenti Mortuus is an ep that breaks a six-year silence and the opportunity, taken by many other metal bands, was to publish a work related to the centenary of the end of the First World War. The funeral doom, in the interpretation of the Long Island duo, is as essential and minimal as ever and is therefore addressed to those who appreciate the genre in its more blunt and less atmospheric version: after all, the genre in this juncture doesn’t take on any consolatory aspect, but if anything is aimed at reaffirming how in general life is the shit that many people think, with the inclusion of a (un)healthy dose of misanthropy to weigh everything down also at a conceptual level. Ridenti Mortuus doesn’t let you breathe, it crushes and oppresses without solution of continuity and the rare rarefactions of the sound are useless to escape from the vice; then, paradoxically, the album closes with the rhythmic increase of Intereo Parum Infantia, first and only element of discontinuity of a work that offers more than half an hour of catacombal growl and sounds lowered to the unbelievable. Those who are ready to undergo all this, will also find more than one reason to listen to this return of Rigor Sardonicous that contains, in some way, the quintessence of funeral in its most primitive form and without lightening of any kind.

2018 – Independent 2021 – Silent Time Noise