Ellende – Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit

German label Art Of Propaganda recently reissued the debut ep of Ellende, a solo project of Austrian musician Lukas Gosch. Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit dates back to 2012 and is a good example of how black metal should be played and interpreted in its most atmospheric and intimate version (I like to call it that because post black risks meaning everything and nothing). The good L.G., in fact, already at his first step tried to differentiate himself from all the other one man bands by giving a particular care to the sounds both at the level of production and variety of the same, entrusting for example an important part to the string instruments entrusted to the guest Anne; such remarkable mixture gave its fruits by giving four tracks that alternated with great taste and skill the rhythmic outbursts of black with melodic openings marked by the use of classical instruments. A magnificent track with a great evocative rate such as Der letzte Marsch, with the haunting piano notes accompanying the development of the song in its second half, is just one example of the high quality that the talented musician from Graz had been able to exhibit, but the rest of the tracklist was by no means inferior, reserving surprises at several junctures without the sound suffering in the slightest at the level of homogeneity. However, going back to what was said a few lines above, if indeed post-black has to be this is the best face we would always like to attribute to it; in the following years Ellende (who in live performances become a real band anyway) released two full lengths that were very well received critically, while next March they are scheduled to release their third long-distance work to be titled Lebensnehmer, for which listening to this reissue might prove an ideal introduction.

2012 – Fallen-Angels Productions 2018 – AOP Records