Evilfeast – Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest

Never more than in the case of the most underground genres and realities do reissues prove useful. In this case the operation concerns Evilfeast‘s debut full length, by the ever-timely German label Eisenwald. Mysteries of the Nocturnal Forest, the first recording testimony of the solo project of Polish musician Jakub Grzywacz, aka GrimSpirit, had originally been released in 2004 by the local label Old Legend, no longer active for a few years, and although there had already been reissues in the past both on cassette and vinyl, the one that allows us to reappropriate this fragment of Polish black history on CD arrives appropriately. The genre, in Evilfeast‘s interpretation, is as traditional as ever and harks back to the beginnings on Norwegian soil, in particular to the first steps of the inescapable Emperor; the sound, in fact, has that atmospheric aura that will later be exasperated by others in its symphonic version but which, in the hands of Ihsahn and Samoth, became the ideal background against which to represent all the blasphemous and misanthropic force of black metal. GrimSpirit fifteen years ago showed that it had learned that lesson to perfection, pouring over the listener an hour of icy, solemn music, more than satisfactorily produced in relation to the type of proposal and therefore with all the credentials to attract the attention of those who had remained faithful to those sounds. To ascertain the veracity of these statements I recommend going directly to track number 6, the claustrophobic Descending Winds of Holocaust, a song that represents in some way equivalent to what it was for Emperor Into The Infinity Of Thought, made of course all the appropriate distinctions. In Evilfeast‘s sound also converge impulses deriving from names of lesser fame but equally seminal as were the Limbonic Art of Moon In Scorpio: we are therefore talking about those realities that introduced keyboard sounds into the genre for the sole purpose of accentuating its evocative potential, without distorting its sense and basic philosophy. Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest thus proves to be the ideal starting point to discover or savor again the value of a musician like Grzywacz, capable of giving to the presses in the years to follow four other full lengths of equal level, most recently Elegies of the Stellar Wind in 2017.

2004 – Old Legend Productions 2011 – Werewolf Promotion 2018 – Temple of Darkness Records / Dread Records / Eisenwald