Dødsferd – Diseased Remnants of a Dying World 

Dødsferd is one of the most accomplished as well as prolific bands in the Hellenic black scene. Over the course of a career that began in the early years of the century, the band, always led by founder Wrath, has tried to explore the different facets of the genre with mixed results, and basically these tenth full length is in its own way emblematic of Dødsferd‘s current status, constantly hovering between the genre’s canons and post-rock and post-metal impulses; stylistic variety does not always pay the same dividends because often, in the face of welcome unpredictability, a sense of fragmentedness ends up emerging at times. In this regard, an excellent track like the title track almost seems to be an episode in its own right, though still relatable to the dreamy opener My Father, My Wrath! more than to the straightforward black of An Existence Without Purpose and the depressive cues of Loyal to the Black Oath, not to mention the disturbing ambient of the concluding Back to My Homeland… My Last Breath. In the light of all this, Diseased Remnants of a Dying World ends up being in decidedly enjoyable work, between moments of great depth, with nontrivial melodic insights, and others that are not despicable but much less incisive. There would be nothing wrong if all this were offered by a band of more recent coinage, but the fact that a band of such experience gives the feeling of still being in search of a more defined physiognomy some perplexity ends up leaving it.

2018 – Transcending Obscurity Records 2021 – Fucking Your Creation Records