In Russia, one of the less conventional projects, and perhaps also for this reason less known, is the one called Aarsland, nickname used by Ruslan Ismailov, known in the metal underground of the country especially for his activity in Devilgroth. Aarsland‘s funeral doom is transversal, disturbing and unpredictable, always placed in a precarious balance between ambient, drone and dungeon elements and with a frequent recourse to obscure para-Gregorian litanies that seem to prelude the tortures of an inquisitor or the hardships due to the stay in a humid and smelly cell. In this sense, Aarsland‘s emblematic work in this sense is Rasputin, with its four tracks marked by a liturgical litany, certainly difficult to assimilate but well circumscribed within a musical idea that never crosses the dangerous border of noise as an end in itself.

2019 – Independent