Blurr Thrower – Les avatars du vide

Blurr Thrower are a mysterious Parisian entity on their debut with this ep composed of two very long tracks. The content of the work proves from the outset to be anything but banal in its unfolding of atmospheric but decidedly restless and very unpredictable black metal, between post and ambient pulses. It is not surprising, moreover, that the band in question is transalpine, given the constant obliquity of the approach to the genre in those parts: in the case in question, however, Blurr Thrower sometimes seems to draw sap also from the North American school in Cascadian share. All this makes Par-Delà les Aubes and Silences two episodes that, despite their considerable length (eighteen minutes on average), flow admirably smoothly despite the fact that nothing is done to make the sound more blinkered. Les avatars du vide is a work that retains a melancholic background, in that it does not touch the peaks of despair of the depressive nor does it indulge in melodies of easy enjoyment: those who composed this record have been able to dose the various components very well, now amalgamating them now alternating them, creating especially in the more rarefied moments the right tension before exploding into bursting rides. The two tracks differ little but just enough to provide them with a more delineated form, with Par-Delà les Aubes more complex and tormented and Silences, instead, structured in a more nervous and in its own way aggressive way net of the deu minutes and a half d central break. As a first step, Les avatars du vide proves to be something solid and convincing for Blurr Thrower, because the mere fact of keeping the listener’s attention level high with a not too usual formula is in itself an important indicator of the value of this group (or one man band that is), whose name is well worth keeping in due consideration in the future perspective.

2018 – Independent 2019 – Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions